Thursday, September 4, 2014

When it all comes together

I have my favorite thrift store here in France that I visit once a week when I can.  I usually come home with a random variety of things.  I love it when I got through my new finds and I realize that I can put together a fun look with things I have collected over the last year.

These pink cups and saucers are Arcoroc, made in France.  They are so dainty and pretty.  The hand stitched cloth has great colors and is in really good condition. The pink, blue and brown combination is not something I would usually pick up, but it was fun and it really wanted to come home with me.  

The brown and pink egg tray makes me want to put together some deviled eggs and pour some tea.   

Now to look for a coordinating tea pot.  It is always good to have a goal.

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