Friday, December 23, 2011

Latest Finds

The other night I was able to wonder through the Antique Gallery without any of my little helpers. I love getting to spend time in the store like I used to. I found this great little dress form, she is about 16 inches tall and so cute.

This three sectioned white box was a great find, and I had these two mason jars that fit the large square openings.

Who knew that right before Christmas would be a great time to find some treasures. I even enlisted my Mother in Law and Brother in law to help me today.
A fun Coca Cola tin from 1996. It is in great condition, i love the front. It is 6 inches tall.
A handmade 4 inch bow with the cutest snowmen.

A metal tree, there are places for screws on the bottom, this could be very cool.
I love the character in this brass 1.
Fun rusty items that I found, a vintage kitchen utensil, a rusty spoon, a very heavy brass 1, and a round something that I am sure I will find a use for.
Some of these items have made it onto my etsy shop Some will make it into the store at the Antique Gallery. If you are interested in any of them just let me know.
I have several smaller pieces of furniture that I will be working on over the next couple of weeks so check back to see them! I am really excited about a timeout bench that I found. I know ours gets a lot of use around here.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Latest Trip to Q5 at the Anitque Gallery of Houston

Everything with a green tag is 30% off until December 23. There are a few Christmas things, stocking hangers, stockings, pinecone Christmas ornaments, and wreaths. There are some great deals! I hope you are enjoying the Christmas Season!