Monday, December 12, 2011

Jean Dewey Tole Painting

Jean Dewey is a well known tole painter . She has a unique style that has developed over the last 50 year. She paints furniture, wicker, and tin ware.
The collection I have is from my grandmother. These are all tin ware pieces that are signed by the artist. These pieces are all in my shop at the Antique Gallery.

10 inch plate $21
7 inch long tin $14
6 inch round tin $14
3 1/2 inch tall cup $7
All pieces are signed by Jean Dewey
4 1/2 inch long tin $7

4 inch round tin $7
10 inch tall pitcher $21

1 comment:

  1. I just bought a jelly cupboard painted by Jean Dewey!! The same signature....I love it. Decided to google it when I got home from the antique place here in Massachusetts....