Monday, November 14, 2011

Well Loved Treasures

I have always loved collecting things. Over the years those collections have changed, but the idea is still there. My collections and my appreciation for antique and vintage finds have led me to the latest chapter in my life. I moved into my space at Antique Gallery of Houston last month, but the items in that space I have been gathering for some time. It works out so great because I just bring my finds into my space and they have people there that work for me. The store is open 10-6 every day, but the only time I have to be there is when I want to go in.

My plan is to use this blog to showcase some of the items I find, or make or repurpose to use in my space or put on etsy.

My space at the Antique Gallery is Q5. When you go into the store you head to the left. If you have any trouble you can ask any of the workers and they can point you in the right direction.

Here are some pictures from when I first moved into my space. Things have been moved around a little, but all of the big pieces are still there.

I love this vintage little chalkboard. I thought it would look so cute in a home school area. It has the tray at the bottom to hold chalk.
New Kids on the Block vintage pieces. A set of all 5 figurines and the fashion plates.

This piece is made of reclaimed wood. It has three hooks for hanging coats or purses at the top and a basket for holding shoes or bags at the bottom.
This jewelry box has a drawer the bottom and hooks for hanging on the inside.
This dresser and hutch is by Broyhill. I painted it pink and I had to repair the back of the hutch so I put a soft pink rose fabric on the back. The drawers all work very well.
If there is anything that you see that you are interested in please let me know. I have several things that I am always working on, and I can always change colors on items or make a new item how you would like it.

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  1. Amy this blog is so fun! I hope you do well selling lots of treasures but I know the real FUN is shopping for them! From one junkin' girl to another :)