Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Last Day for the Sale 25% off

I took in a few more items to my shop and took a few more pictures.
Magnetic memo board with jewel magnets. There is a metal hook on the back for hanging and 4 magnets. $10
Beautiful, ornate gold frame. $50
Rustic coat hanger. $25
Tea cup and saucer display. $20
Lenox stemware. There are 6 water glasses $80 and 6 wine glasses $80. These glasses are over $20 per glass if you buy them new.
I have lots of fun frames. Some of them are painted, some are not. The red frames would make a great Christmas card display. $6 - $20
More frames, these are $6-$12 each.
Here is a shot of one side of my space. Can you spot my little helper?
Some of the bows I carry. There are some great Christmas bows. $2.50-$5.00 each
The blue bag is a trash bag for you car. The strap has velcro so you can put it around the headrest. $8.00

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